Sunday, August 30, 2009


What is a missed opportunity? Like in football, to turn a turnover into a score. I hear them in Country radio. For example, listening to traffic on a station and the report included "rolling office chairs on the freeway". It was read as just that. Wow a missed opportunity. That could have been freaking hilarious. But the morning show was so busy talking about music. Everything that comes to you is an opportunity. Listening to Wingnut on The Wolf in Seattle, who rocks the box, two guys called that were back up in the slough fishing and drinking. He ferreted out all the fun from the call. Didn't miss an opportunity. I use to hear from talent, they are just requesting songs and we don't play what they are asking for. I would tell talent, don't even record the call until you do an audio status up-date: What are you doing? Then the fun begins, "I'm calling from St. Luke's Church and we have you on, we are raising money for the youth group." (If you add something stupid you will get an MO). That's great, good luck or what can we play for you? "How are you grabbing the green" - "Car washes for $5" - PROBE - There's got to be something funny to talk about here - Like the most creative way the kids are flagging down cars. Everything doesn't have to a music association to it. I love listening to stations where the song ends and you hear "Hi The Cat" -- right into entertainment. Keep it going and avoid all missed opportunities.

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