Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Today's WHAT'S YOUR OPINION WEDNESDAY question is open ended and would love to have you thoughts: Are you confident about the current posture or position of Country radio? - use the comment field on the bottom and go at it - IT'S A FREE FOR ALL.


  1. "Again Chuck- Great articles. Love Your Menu Sucks. I have been in many a situation where complacency and laziness are the reason a company falls short. Great stuff." DAVE SHAW FB

  2. July 10 at 9:26am

    Matt Anthony are you? I see your posts on FB, and I really like the FTC blog. MATT ANTHONY

  3. Jon Olson made a comment about your note "YOUR MENU SUCKS":

    Good job Chuck. You actually have included some great leadership principles in there we can all use.

  4. Darren Tandy made a comment about your note "LOOK INTO MY CRYSTAL BALL (FROM 8/08) ALL ABOUT COUNTRY":

    Great points Chuck! I will embrace the PPM world, but I think the communities we serve will suffer the most. Part of the "magic" of WFMS was the community involvement. We weren't the most "polished" station in America...but we worked our asses off to get to every fish fry, charity car wash etc. in our metro. Will that effort be rewarded in the PPM world? Time will tell.

    My fear is that short-term (2-3 years MAX), the "more music...less personality" approach to country will be successful. BUT long term, will that approach be successful? Radio is a LOUSY jukebox!! Ever tried Pandora? Internet radio will be in cars in the US soon (it's already common in parts of Europe). Most of us who drive newer cars can plug our ipods into the car stereo. We HAVE to make a "connection" with our listeners personally. Make them feel as if they've "cheated on us" if they use new media vs. traditional radio. I love this business. it will break your heart...but what an opportunity to make a difference.