Thursday, July 16, 2009


We have been trying to figure out the next level to take Full Throttle Country to. Better serve Country programmers, air talent and imaging specialists, seems to be the best avenue. I want to take my communications abilities with Country radio and my large networking base and put it to work for you. Through Country-only programming publishing and imaging development as well as talent engagement for open positions. 1.) Imaging writing and development is available through FTC. I currently write imaging packages for Country consultants and want to extend the service to you. Samples by request. I listen to the station, view the website and localize it with on-line support material for your town. If you are interested, I will email you an imaging in-take sheet to get you started. This material is written exclusively for your station and market and is not cookie-cutter. 2.) We list every open position we hear about and through networking, sometimes days before the position appears in other on-line trades. Our goal is to take your materials and through conversations, figure the best approach to take with your talents for the open positions. if it's a programing position, I would like to hear what you are sending for audio, station composite and imaging, what your write in a letter of philosophy and how we can tie your talents directly into the needs of the prospective employer. Contact me for more information on Dynamic Placement from FTC. We are going to monetize the page through sponsorship and thanks to you, we have great views in our first month of tracking. Over 1700 users and 2900 page views. 1,782 Visits 2,912 Pageviews 1.63 Pages/Visit 72.95% Bounce Rate 00:05:07 Avg. Time on Site 43.04% % New Visits I am real excited where we are going and growing. Thank you for reading and spreading the word. Dynamic Placement and Instant Imaging are low cost. Times are tight and tough and we need to keep the compensation requirements at an accessible level.

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