Monday, July 27, 2009


Hi my name is Chuck, I'm a radio-holic (Hi Chuck). Can you just imagine a 12-step program for radio freaks. We would have the blue book written by Bill (Drake). It would outline ways to overcome our addiction to the wireless and the showbiz and entertainment part of it we love. We would go to meetings in the basement of the First Church Of Christ at 7p on Wednesday nights. We would start with the 12 steps and 12 traditions of radio. You can see the irony between alcoholism and radio. We are addicted and powerless over radio. As much as I want to find another position and parlay my radio and programming experience into it, it's difficult. When I sit in interviews for positions not with a radio station and far from it, I think to myself, Why can't I be talking to a Market Manager about how his morning show needs help or how to produce great imaging? Speakers at the meetings would be great, they would talk about how their addiction to radio and their lives mingled and crashed through the hour glass of their lives. Stories of moving from town to town, up and down the dial. How their lives were affected by firings and ratings, managers and program directors. The bigger question here is, do you want to stop the addiction? Is your higher power, what we called "the ratings Gods?" We will never be able to stop it, just like an addict is powerless over narcotic or alcohol addiction. But we can manage it.


  1. Wow! gonna play shrink on ya for a sec... could it be that you're just scared to have fun in a non-radio atmosphere because it's different and unknown? Non-radio stuff really can be just as much fun as radio, ya know! -phat matt

  2. I think Chuck should move the comments from Facebook about this post over here.

  3. Weak jocks=shit

    Ty Calhoun

  4. Darren TandyChuck THANK YOU! That's the biggest problem I've had with my "next challenge" in country radio. Is there any cheap software out there that allows you to "skim?" I'll pay for it out of my own pocket. It's the only way to improve skills quickly. I worked at a station that was GREAT at skimming/recording talent breaks. That's one of the reasons we won so many CMA/ACM awards.
    Sun at 12:59pm ·

  5. Mike Thomas Look into the iMediaLogger. We have a beta version that runs on a server in our rack room. Grabs every break and records it to an mp3 file just like the tape, except it can be instantly accessed once the file is done recording.
    Sun at 3:43pm

  6. Thanks for suggestion trying to get everyone to use comments instead of FACEBOOK comments, but either way - we'ze conversin'

  7. Ty - You people in Dirt City are gonna have problems - New Class A from Four Highways is gonna put a stick on Unhinged Mtn (El. 4562) Coast range. City grade over Dirt City. So you boys better get ready for a battle.

    They are bringing in Range Dover as the consultant. He worked with some big stations
    and actually worked with Kesslemen on trying to patent KFAT.

  8. Rob Walker True. The addiction is mpossible to stop, but can be managed.

    I decided to leave radio over a year ago, and it was the best move I ever made. School and a new career is possible, you just need to want it.

    Sadly, most radio people are so in love with the idea of being "radio people" that they'll never have the ability to step up to education and step out of the studio. "What? pay for concert tickets? NEVER! I work in radio!"... Read More
    Yesterday at 12:10pm ·

    Chuck GeigerRob great words of wisdom
    Yesterday at 12:19pm

    Matt AnthonyRob, I agree with virtually everything about your post...except, perhaps, for the "real accomplishments" part. I "hope" that this vagabond lifestyle that's become a part of me for such a long time now has yielded some accomplishments. But, I agree. I have thought deeply about doings something else. The state of things has, understandably, ... Read More
    Yesterday at 8:57pm

    Rob Walker By "real accomplishments" I mean rather than have your resume state "hired promo staff" say "managed a diverse team, specializing in on site experiential marketing." Equate your radio experience with real life, and you'll find that you have all kinds of skills that are highly marketable.
    Yesterday at 10:56pm ·