Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Radio Imaging, And Social Networking - Spread The Word By: Krash Bassett Chief Imaging Officer - Krash Creative Solutions Sharing is at the heart of the new internet order. We share photos, videos, jokes, and sarcasm. We share our lives with others through Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace. Radio imaging can not only take part in this new interactive world order, it can thrive. As long as we've known it radio has been a one way information street. We tell listeners where traffic is, what a hit song is, where to go on the weekend and they respond. Listeners are no longer satisfied with this dynamic, and are forcing dramatic change. New stats from Nielsen Online show that by the end of 2008, social networking had overtaken email in terms of worldwide reach. Bottom line, we want to share with anyone and everyone. Since listeners are looking to participate in our product and imaging, how do we let them do it? 1. Put it online. It seems basic, but it can't be shared if it's not online yet almost no one is putting imaging online. Why not? It's easy, and makes your promotions and events available to be heard by a whole new audience - your online audience. If it's not online it doesn't exist, it can't be shared, nor embraced. Dare I say every promo you produce has a home somewhere on your web page. 2. Let it be shared. We love to share, and if you've got a great promo someone is going to toss it around. Who knows, it may even go viral and get you all kinds of attention you never imagined possible. Sharing is so easy with sites like Digg, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. 3. Video imaging. This can be as simple as taking an audio imaging piece and adding video to it, or can be as complicated as creating a whole new production. Video is the single largest growth area on the internet. At we showcase several ways stations can use video imaging to enhance their brand and generate a revenue stream. What GM wouldn't be interested in a revenue stream? 4. More hockey less figure skating. Ad campaigns in the broadcast world are intended to be perfect, but in the online realm things can be imperfect. Unlike a figure skater who practices every move till perfection, a hockey team slugs it out night after night constantly learning and evolving. It's not about perfection, it's about playing everyday. The essence of radio imaging is your building passion, and a passionate listener is truly your most valuable asset. Sharing through social networking sites allows your P-1's to share their passion with their friends and grow your listener base. Last I heard more listeners meant larger ratings, and larger ratings of course means more revenue. Have your own opinion on the subject? Leave it in the comment box below, then catch up with us on Twitter at

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