Tuesday, June 30, 2009


One of our most viewed blogs, was how to deal with the smiles and frowns of job searching. In Country radio there are a lot of open jobs, we need to determine if these are real jobs or just EEO postings. Be up front on your interview, phone or face-face. It is illegal for employers to post jobs that don't exist. It's also in violation of FCC rules and it's an EEO violation when insiders or referrals are hired. See today's ALL ACCESS (3 companies were fined) http://allaccess.com Ask about the compensation range, they are going to bring it up, it's how they are going to make the selection. Where you live and what you make will be the determine factor this day in age - It has nothing to do with talent or accomplishments. Most large companies post openings then promote from within.
Employers will use the economy to hire the cheapest candidate possible. You need to determine if you can work for the wages they offer. You also need to find a position that fits where you want to be and what you want to do. I have interviewed for several of the open Country programming positions. I live in California and these jobs were in the Midwest and East. I expect to work for less than I did in my last position, but not criminally less. Beware of the dead end interview, where you are caught up in a interview loop and nothing progresses from one interview to the next. Ask them where it is going. Just because you are unemployed doesn't mean you aren't a human being with feelings. The positive; Most of these opening were filled in several weeks, unlike years ago where it would take months.
This will come back and so will the jobs. I'm waiting it out. I can't program a radio station in this environment. I don't want a job, that is a job to keep my job. That's not why I got into radio. I got into this business because it was fun and I was fairly creative and dedicated to what I did. So you want off the beach and back to the grind - Do it! - But remember you can control some of the attributes of the search.

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