Friday, July 31, 2009


The Country stations that just hired PD's are making progress in the listener appreciation and customer service retention battle. Lance Tidwell at WWYZ Hartford is the perfect hire as Mike Wheeler OM puts it, for the mission of the station. Anthony Allen at KZSN Wichita is working on the sound and presentation of the station. John Sebastian at WWQM Madison is taking off the brakes and letting er' rip. This is great for the listeners and customers in these markets. KNIX sounds the best they have in years under interim program director Mark Medina from sister CHR KZZP. Springfield, Boise, Rochester and Kansas City will soon have new leaders, expressing creativity in Country radio. The early word, is the new guys are doing a great job with their products and people and making progress. Anthony tells me: "I really think it's about making it your own and having a sense of ownership in your station. Every PD has their "signature" whether it be imaging, station voice, music, rotation, etc... There's always a lot for a PD to wrap their head around when starting at a new station" Clear Channel is lucky to have these two new leaders, in Hartford and Wichita and Midwest Family in Madison with John Sebastian. It's all about doing passionate, dedicated and creative radio and these PD's are!


  1. Sebastian:

    How did a guy that did Welcome Back Kotter's theme song start programming Country?

    He tries any start-ups in Ponderosa County, I'll hand him his ass. Untouchable #1

    Ty Clahoun KDIRT

  2. Austin Keyeswell said, when you hire someone who's been there and proven their ability to make good radio, it brings ratings rewards. The idea is bring on good people and let them do what they do. SIMPLE

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