Monday, June 15, 2009


I was talking to a major market Country programmer last week, that told me the last programmer in the station had tightened down the screws on the air staff to the point where they were told how to say the call-letters. W-N-BC reminds us of PRIVATE PARTS. We all know why Kevin did that, there was a WABC. But this is 2009. Chains on air talent from programming might be worse than chains on air talent that they put on to avoid having to evoke any personality.
If you have a creative, dedicated and passionate air staff - They need to talent-up. More localisms, topicalities and interactions with the listeners. Not less. If a Country talent thinks that telling what Taylor Swift is wearing is connecting with the audience, they need to go back to basics and start over on what's important to the listeners. Sometimes I feel like this is being hung on the programmer, when the air staff fully understands that making an emotional connection, imprinting on a listener is the most important part of their jobs.
I have been listening to a lot of Country stations the past week in several markets and there are some great format jocks - That's the ones who tell us whats on the web site, how we can win Kenny tickets and what Jennifer Nettles is up to. What about the community, the gang at Shooter's (local made up watering hole), Jim can't plow today because a part didn't come in because of the economical conditions, Mary telling a story abut how the local mechanic takes advantage of single women when working on cars, Sgt. Ramirez who was celebrated at the base last night for bravery in Iraq and more. Who put the chains on you, the programmer or did you chain yourself up?

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  1. Hey Chuck.. I tell the staff of WKKW.. It's your show.. Here's what we need to hit to keep the sales slugs happy.. the rest of the show is yours!!..

    Focus on local.. the RELAY FOR LIFE.. ST. JUDE.. the local CHILDRENS HOSPITAL.. our local reserve troop getting deployed again..

    On a funny note.. I spent most of the morning today and have enough email to bring it up again tomorrow.. about me.. being a GIRL SCOUT DAD.. I've got 3 girls.. it's part of life!..