Tuesday, June 2, 2009


One of the great ones, Ed Hill said Try to get your Country station on television once a week. The all time winner is WGGY Froggy 101 in Scranton, PA - The Froggy bumper sticker on the filing cabinet on the hit TV series on NBC "The Office".
When you combine the elements of community service and just plain weird, it gives the news director of the local television stations just what they are looking for to cover the promotion. Best bet is to find one you have good relationship with and make it better. You aren't going to get all three network affiliates to cover the story. The goal is to get the logo and the talent on screen and the reporter to use the slogan or call letters. It becomes a free TV spot.
Jay Walker of KTTI Yuma was able to get on television every week. From a local sausage eating contest to billboard sitting for March Of Dimes. Another idea; work with the television station on a promotion that is part of the local morning show, for the TV morning team and the station morning show. Kris Daniels at KHGE Fresno did this for the ACM Awards with the local CBS affiliate. Develop a relationship with the local TV news director and manager. Help them with promotional goals and they will make sure the next time you are leading the promotional charge for some cause, you will be on TV.
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