Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy July 4th - The Final FTC posting

I guess all the analogies are true, the fat lady has sung, the 9th inning is here and more. This is the last posting from FULL THROTTLE COUNTRY. Over the last two years it has been quite rewarding to share with you, the ideas and concepts I have learned in radio programming and especially Country Music Radio. As you know, I am working in marketing now and have no foreseeable plans to return to the day to day of radio programming. I felt with that in mind, It wouldn't make sense to continue to post on this blog. 

Folks are doing great things in Country Music Radio: Mike Preston in Seattle, Kevin Callahan in San Diego,  Scott Mahalick in Portland, Ed Hill in Salt Lake City and more. Learn from these masters and what they are doing to propel entertainment value over music radio. This is why they are winning and separating themselves from the music bunch in Country Music Radio. 

I will be available on Facebook and also if you need to chat. I'll be guest writing from time to time in Stark Country from Radio-Info. Thank you so much for the time spent reading. I appreciate it and continue to make great radio everyday. Don't get stuck in the it's just a job mold. 


  1. I suspect the folks that could have most benefited from this great resource were to a large degree, spread to thin to utilize it. You have great ideas, CG and I hope that Country Radio benefits from them again.

  2. Dude, gonna miss it. Good luck outside the studio & if you are ever in the Flathead Valley stop in. John Michaels/The Bear.