Monday, June 20, 2011

What in the hell do you want?

CC Country station WDRM Hunstville, AL had this on an ALL ACCESS ad:

I've received many good packages but want to make sure I hear from everyone that is qualififed and looking for a new challenge. On your aircheck DO NOT include breaks about the weather or traffic, liners you are reading straight off a prepared liner sheet, one-liner jokes, or music news stories from a prep service or off your website. DO INCLUDE breaks that demonstrate your ability to truly entertain in a more music format that places heavy emphasis on community service and information. DO INCLUDE breaks that demonstrate your ability to connect to, and not just broadcast to, your station's target listener. DO INCLUDE breaks that show subtleties in a story or topic that you bring out to relate to listeners. I look forward to hearing your best stuff! Thanks.

I don't know if they've heard most CMR, but what he doesn't want, is what it sounds like. BTW - Five bucks says the fill the position from within or not at all. 

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