Thursday, June 16, 2011

Renegade Radio Nashville is coming...

So I saw the picture of the air staff and the information on COUNTRY AIR CHECK and checked it out. Played Alan Jackson "Who's Cheatin' Who" into "Hank Jr. "Country Boy Can Survive". Dry voice imaging piece about building a new Country community on-line, which was pretty cool. Kind of a pukey voice guy. I would watch lines like on their web site and on air like "Country's Hottest Hits". Lines like that don't mesh with The Renegade attitude. Every time someone tries to mesh Country and Southern Rock, the wheels come off on the curve. Best of luck to these guys, web site looks pretty cool and so does their Facebook. 

Renegade Country Nashville We hope you like what you hear on We are still making adjustments so we can be the BEST when we hit the air LIVE on Monday August 1st, there will be some glitches here and there, which we are causing to make these adjustments. Please hang in there with us and we promise to deliver THE BEST COUNTRY MUSIC STATION EVER, just for YOU. Thanks for your support, help spread the word. God Bless.

RENEGADE COUNTRY A New Music intensive combination of Hot Contemporary and Southern Country. The latest artists and the hottest country anywhere

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