Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Giant concert for Joplin - Why this is a great idea!

Every major Country Music act needs to play a weekend concert with even priced tickets and every cent needs to go to housing, accommodations and general living needs in Joplin. The concerts needs to take place in the best Country markets in the nation over the course of June and July. Dallas one weekend, St. Louis the next, Nashville, then Kansas City and so forth. The line-up needs to include every A act the format has. This needs to be a another Farm Aid or Band Aid concert. Millions of dollars need to be raised and they need to have folks help them cut through the red tape. God Lord FEMA is bringing in those non-existing trailers. Did you know someone charged a whole years rent as a security deposit for an apartment to a tornado victim that just lost their home and belongings? And we thought price gouging on plywood during a hurricane was bad. Nuff' Said!

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