Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Video killed the internet star

Study: 85% Of All Media Websites Now Use Video

According to the third annual survey conducted by D S Simon, 85% of all web media companies now carry video, approximately a 33% increase over last year. Television media was near full penetration, with 96% of venues carrying clips, but the 2011 "Web Influencers Study" found that virtually every other category of news - especially newspapers and radio - now make video part of their daily web presence. Interestingly, 93% of radio stations say they now rely to some degree on external sources of media, with 86% of newspapers and 80% of web media also saying they use video. TV entities tend to rely much more on their own assets, but still 63% of them use outside providers. Still, while traditionally non-video media increasingly are embracing the video trend, don't expect to see a mass migration into video production and distribution. "The big news is that online media has now officially become a video programming network," says Doug Simon, author of the report. [Full story:MediaPost]

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