Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Trade intervention

Remember when it was cool to talk to Lon at R&R when you were on the beach and they knew a lead and a guy? That was networking. I always stayed tight with Joel and Tony for years at R&R and then Joel at All Access. It doesn't matter if Seal Team shooter #6 intervened on your part, it has nothing to do with how talent and programmers are getting jobs today. 

I have recommended some of the best talent for positions lately and they either hired from within, regionally or not at all. Then talent calls me and asks which way is up with the reference. Hell, it could be me. Who cares what an opinionated ex-radio guy has to say about a great and motiavted talent that loves winning and making magic happen on the radio. It's all about the PRICE TAG (Thanks Jesse J and BOB). 

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