Monday, May 16, 2011

Really move all over the country buying property!

I have had my home in Kansas up for sale since January and the real estate agent said the repairs to make it presentable to viewers, due to wear and tear from two renters would be close to $10.000. The last tenant took the electronic garage door opener motor with him and didn't pay the last two months rent. I put new carpet at the tune of $6,000 in it last year. Money pit! All because I bought the house in 2003 after moving from Bethlehem, PA to Wichita, Kansas for a radio job. The late, great Chuck Browning once said: "Welcome to radio, don't buy any heavy appliances." So true. 

How many other programmers and air talent, even David Crowl are faced with having to sell or rent homes in places they no longer can live...Unless you say goodbye to radio and find a position that will keep you secure to own your home for a while. I own a home here in Fresno and you can bet, we are not moving. I am too old and wiser in my ways to keep this game of Russian Roulette going. "Maybe this job will last more than two years honey". How can talent and programmers keep doing this. I know some people are keeping their families behind until they measure the security of the position. 

Maybe talent and programmers should invest in 5th wheels or RV's. I always said, if I would have bought a Winnebago back in the 70's - We would have been rich. Or at least a few bucks in the bank. 

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