Friday, May 6, 2011

Increase Your SMS Marketing Opt-In Rate

The main issue when running a SMS marketing campaign is how to increase and build your opt-in list as quickly as possible so you may being sending text blasts that will bring a positive ROI to pay for your campaign. The key is utilizing multiple mediums to advertise your mobile call to action and getting these platforms in place as soon as possible.  Let’s look at the most effective places to promote your call to action and build you list.

Website: Add your call to action “Text KEYWORD to 83936″ on your homepage and a coupon or club page. You can also integrate our webform found in your members area keyword tab to allow your customers to directly enter their mobile number on your site and join your list.

Business: There are several ways to advertise your SMS marketing campaign in your business and this is often the most effective place. Hang signage that promotes the text club and add table tents. Educate your employees on the benefit and have them tell each customer about the benefits of joining. Add the call to action to receipts or hand out a small flyer with each order.

Email: Most businesses also have an email marketing list that they send regular updates too. With the increased conversions and redemption rates of SMS marketing versus email marketing it makes sense to convert these customers to a more effective list. Add a footer or header to each email with your SMS mobile call to action.

Social Media: Your fans are already engaged with you on this platform but the ROI can be hard to measure. Promote the call to action on Facebook landing pages, promotion tabs, integrate the web form into a new tab and tweet your call to action once a week. For those that also have several profiles on sites such as Yelp, Google Places, Foursquare and others, add your call to action here to capture people searching for businesses such as yours.

Traditional Advertising: This is a great place to take advantage of a wide reach of eyes and convert these previously low converting mediums into a opt-in machine. Add your call to action in newspaper adds, radio, television and especially direct mail.
The key to building a huge opt-in list that will pay your business week after week is to take advantage of every integration opportunity that presents itself to your business. Customers of ours that have the biggest lists use multiple platforms for promotion and present clear benefits for a customer to join their SMS marketing list.

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