Thursday, May 19, 2011

From Country Air Check (Big win for Country 925)

Hats off to PD Lance Tidwell and Co., whose station posted the largest one-month gain (2.5 shares) for any Country station in the history of PPM. The 10.4 smashed its former peak of 9.2 last November, and 'YZ also set new cume and cume rank highs. Tidwell tells Country Aircheck, "It's obviously a big, exciting one for us: No. 1 adults 25-54 and tied for No. 1 with women 25-54. The staff here has done an amazing job of responding to the changes necessary in PPM, and Clear Channel has given us the tools to compete. It's been a total team effort. Arch Street Tavern right after the show today!"

Note: FTC does the imaging writing for Country 925. Fall 2010 and Spring 2011 and we are proud as punch today even though we can't be at Arch Street Tavern.

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