I am very excited to announce the first LIVE Country Music Chat on Twitter #CMchatHosted by ME (Jessica Northey), Serial Twitter Chat Hostess Dabney Porte and Rock Star Blogger Tobey Deys! There will also be some special guests from the Country Music Community stopping by to say hi and get to know their Twitter neighbors.
Each week we will have different topics from “How do you get a song published” to “I made a record, Now What?”  Tonight is an open-forum “Meet Yer Neighbors” but you can be sure we will talking about Blake and Miranda’s wedding, as well as John Rich’s full court press appearance on Celebrity Apprentice!
Are you unsure how to attend the LIVE Country Music Chat #CMchat?

First of all, you can decide how much or how little you would like to participate!
I have attended chats just to learn about subjects and that is perfectly ok, but feel free to jump in on anything at anytime!
We will go live with our chat every Monday at 6pm PST/9pm EST. The chat runs for one hour. Many people post valuable information throughout the week in the stream, so you can even check throughout the week.
Here’s what Dabney Porte, serial Twitter Chat Hostess (#SMmanners #SlumberParty) recommends for attendees of Twitter Chats:
  • Use a “Twitter Aggregator” Program, or Free software.
  • If you do not have a basic platform outside of Twitter that you use to manage your twitter stream, you can download one of the free applications like Tweetdeck or Hootsuite . I prefer Tweetdeck, but others simply love Hootsuite.
  • Both applications will help you to organize your tweets in a variety of ways. For the purpose of attending twitter chats, while engaging with others at the same time, they are invaluable.
  • Once you have one of the above applications up and running, simply do a search for #CMchat. This will automatically produce a column of all tweets that mention #CMchat only.
  • The hashtag or # symbol is the key to engaging in any twitter chat event. By including #CMChat in your tweet,your message will be added to the single stream called #CMchat. Without adding the hashtag, your tweet won’t be recognized as being part of our chat event.
  • To add yourself to the #CMchat stream, all you need to do is be certain that you mention (type) #CMchat somewhere within your tweet. Most people add it to the end of what they have to say.
If you want to keep things even simpler while you attend our Country Music Chat, I strongly recommend startingwith Tweet Chat which is easy to use and keeps your entire focus on the chat via a single column format. All tweets made within our event will be listed. When you reply to a tweet, the hashtag will automatically be added to your tweets, ensuring that you are actively participating. What I love most about this site is you can slow the chat down with the pause button.Conversations move quickly in most twitter chats, and having the ability to go at your speed is beyond helpful.
Go to the link below. Be sure to log in so that you will be able to participate.
Be sure to follow us on twitter
@JessicaNorthey @DabneyPorte and @TobeyDeys to keep up with fun!

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