I am often asked how I decide what to tweet, or post about. There is not a simple answer and more than that, it really depends what your individual online goals are. I would love to say that there is a one-size-fits-all way to do it, but that just wouldn’t be true.
Klout has some interesting specifications and I can agree with their assessment to a degree, here is how they list the way people use Social Media and the roles they play on a platform such as Twitter or Facebook:

: Dabbler, Conversationalist, Explorer, Observer
Participating/Sharing: Curator, Broadcaster, Feeder, Syndicator
Focused/Consistent: Socializer, Networker, Activist, Specialist
Creating/Broad: Taste Maker, Celebrity, Thought Leader, Pundit

I think these are all very general, and at times find myself to be a little bit of all of them. But mostly, I am part curator, part aggregator and part originator and add lots of banterThis has been the way I feel most comfortable fitting in to the Social Media eco-system.
When it comes to content, I look for interesting articles, blogposts, photos, videos, even people and share with my audience. This can come in the form of a great article I read somewhere about an FCC ruling on Cellular Signal Boosters all the way to a quote from Maya Angelou. The information I look for and distribute is a direct relation to the things that interest me, and in turn seem to interest many of my followers, based on the amount of retweets I get.
Traditionally, a curator is known as the custodian of a collection. I take my role as a person who cares what I pass on to people very seriously. I don’t subscribe to bait and switch methods and wouldn’t share something with my audience that I didn’t find fascinating.
When it comes to news I use a feed aggregator Web application to re-direct syndicated web content such as news headlines, blogposts to my stream, that have links leading back for easy viewing. I use Twitterfeed to direct Real-Time News from trusted sources to my stream. I say trusted because I have worked in and around news and news delivery for a long time and get my raw data news from the Associated Press (AP). I also get content/news from AllAccess, Full Throttle Country, KrisCountry, Chris Brogan’s website, and a few other industry related blog feeds.
This falls in the editorial style writing category and includes blogging, original thoughts and sassy observations . I am very proud of my blog and post original content 7 days a week. I have created fun, informative content ranging from highlighting tweets and the people who made them on Must Tweet Monday; to eViews with the Who’s Who interviewing different celebrities, musicians and people I meet online that I find interesting; 3rd Screen Thursday, detailing/reviewing mobile content and even Sundays Best where I feature charities and non-profit organizations.

I also like to make stuff up…yeah, I said it. When a thought crosses my mind about the time allotted before it is not acceptable to eat Chocolate of the floor to dating do’s and don’ts, I am always willing to share insights and jessisms.

That’s how I do it! Tell me about your way or tell me if you think I suck....maybe just leave me a comment sometime? Seriously, comments are sexy ;)