Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A valuable lesson we can all learn from...

The Brett Farve - Jenn Sterger soap opera continues after her appearance on ABC's Good Morning America and Nightline. The biggest jaw dropper with this whole escapade, is they never met each other. She was fired from her job, he left the team and now her mother was a victim of workplace sexual harassment. All over text message and pictures. I have dealt with two of these kinds of episodes from terminated employees with a grudge to bear and they are not fun. But how about finding out you are involved with a sexual harassment claim and it's from someone you've never met. All from smart phones or social media. It could happen. 

According to Sterges, a official from the Jets approached her in 2008 and ask her if she would mind meeting Favre and she said no, I'm told I look like his wife. But he persisted with texts and lude pictures according to her. Now the NFL and The New York Jets could be held liable for inciting the sexual harassment. This woman lost her job over this. I can't believe this isn't in court. 

Do not send any inappropriate pictures or post them on social media. Personally or through your radio station web site and/or social media pages. At remotes, don't try to have inappropriate  conversations with listeners, customers or at night clubs, party goers. Watch the kind of pictures you take at events and at the station and make sure they are always family friendly. 

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