Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Can we a better job of marketing The CMA's and ACM's

The social media explosion has made it easy for air talent to follow awards shows and up-date the listening audience who have smart phones at work or might not be seeing the shows. It's like a play by play of the award shows for the listeners.

Air talent all need to be ready for The CMA awards this November. Morning shows should have "twitter" parties. Great time for the staff to get together and watch the awards with smart phones or IPADS in hand. But this goes past social media, the plan to engage the listeners into the shows. Work with the organizations, The CRB and ACM on better ways to market the shows to the listeners. CBS affiliates can help you with this as well. Morning show promotions with the CBS affiliate to promote the show and maybe a contest edge.

We talked about imaging components to highlight past winners and nominees this year. Make October Country Music Month and use imaging topicals to promote the CMA show. Morning shows can even have marketing people on to talk about the show and what will be different this year.

These award shows are what you make them, if you feel it has to be a party and road trip, then make sure you engage with the shows or have the staff lined up and ready to go. I once sent two air talents to the show and when they called, they offered very little in entertainment information. I told them use the sportscaster bit of "Last night we caught up with Toby Keith and he is fired up for New Country 107 listeners to hear his new music with Ted Nuggent."

This is show biz and these are large scale award show wrapped in Nash-Vegas-Wood. Making them sizzle as part of our programming should be a natural.

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