Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Twitter shhhh secrets

While building up followers on TWITTER for your Country Music Radio station, here's a few tips: (I have been building followers and following for Unique Orthodontics and believe me, this will save you time). Look at the info/data line on the follow list you are clicking follow on and see if they match your ecosystem of demographics and customers (listeners for radio). If they have a screen name like PYSCHOPUNK and they say "Out to paint the world black" they might not be a good choice to follow a Country music station.

I'm searching for regualr moms and dads of 7-14 year olds who might need orthodontic proccedures. Omit any business profiles that seem national, unless you are out to have every follower in the world, this makes no sense when marketing your product inside your area.

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