Friday, March 18, 2011

Country Music Tweetings

There's been a lot of activity in Country Music Radio. I am getting dizzy just reading all the tweets. The other week I started this new feature on my other blog.

eViewed Texas Radio personality Adam Drake awhile back, as someone I thought was interesting. Over the years, I have had the chance to get to know him and was always impressed by his writing and sense of humor.
ENJOY! -Jessica

Twitter was all-abuzz this week with #prayforjapan. It was hard to follow any timeline from radio people, entertainment people, or everyday people where thoughts and prayers weren’t being sent out to those who are dealing with the disaster. On behalf of my family, I’d like to send condolences to those affected and I pray for a quick recovery for that part of the world.
With all that said, there were still other things going on in TwitLand and one of the things that caught my eye last weekend was a little odd…
 @ChrisYoungMusic ChrisYoungMusic Ummm yeah. This random dude is kissing me. What the heck @blakeshelton ?
 I don't know what's more disturbing here, that Blake is actually kissing Chris, or that Chris has a look on his face like "Yeah, this happens all the time."

 @JackIngram Jack Ingram And that's how u know you're home... Big ass bowl of queso waitin 4 ya at the airport!
 Jack, why do you gotta tweet pictures of delicious looking queso?! Dang it... now I'm hungry!!! The only thing that saddens me about this tweet is it not being homemade queso. Don’t get me wrong, On The Border has some killer queso, but knowing Jack, I’m know he’s got some secret recipes for queso he could share.

@KMLEnation KMLE Nation Today's I Bet We Can Write A Song About That
 I love that bit idea from KMLE’s morning show Tim & Willy. Things like that used to be a staple in morning radio and it’s becoming rarer to see parody songs that aren’t done by a national prep services. Much love to KMLE for doing that. @kson973 KSON-FM 97.3/92.1
Ryan Hunter what's the best concert you've ever been too? I think mine was George with Highway 101 back in like 86, yeah, I'm old... Always love seeing people talk about their experiences and connecting with the listeners. It can be as simple as Ryan from KSON in San Diego talking about his first ever concert. Being in radio for as long as I have, I always get a call saying “You gave me tickets and I took my son to his first ever concert, thank you!” or something along those lines. To let fans and listeners know that we remember what it was like the first time we ever walked into a venue and saw artist “X” brings home a sense of relatability that makes them feel closer to us and in turn more loyal to us and the brand we represent.

 Those are just some of the many great tweets from the past week. I can’t catch everything so if you run across some interesting tweets, feel free to share them with me @AdamDrakeOnAir! Keep on Tweetin’ on!

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