Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The buzz is Facebook over web site and the answer is no!

Jessica and I have been talking about this for quite some time and it will be the buzz at her social media round table at The World Radio Summit next month in Los Angeles. DO NOT give up on your station web site. It should be commerce driven with information and representation about your brand and product. I would stop doing jock blogs on the web site and do them as notes on Facebook. No one reads them and even tie backs with contests don't help except for contest players. The P-1 study from CRS  reveals  how  the  content Country radio stations and Country music artists post on Facebook and share on their websites is somewhat out of sync with the needs and desires of Country P1 consumers.  This suggests the industry is missing an opportunity and not fully capitalizing on the potential of these tools.

Facebook and Twitter are about community and building your brand socially and communal. Keep the spam and advertising off of social media for your CMR. You should be driving prospects to your web site from your social media and reverse on the web site, driving participants to social media. Remember to talk about social media. There is still too much URL gab about web sites and not enough cool raps and imaging for social media. 

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