Friday, February 18, 2011

What Do You Do When Burnout Gets You?

Are you in a hurry? Sometimes we all are…it’s just a part of life…even the Social life.
Also, there are just things that happen and we get discombobulated…..yeah that is really a word, I Google’d  it.  After talking to several friends I learned that they go through the same kind of “burnout” thus ended my “terminally unique” thoughts about myself and what I was feeling…. We all need downtime.  I figure this must be common, especially for creative people so what does a blogger do? We blog about it!
Burnout – a state of mental, physical and emotional exhaustion.
Many people experience burnout of some kind in their lives. Business owners, Solopreneurs and the Self-Employed seem to be even more likely to fall prey generally because you are the “end all be all.”
Here are some ways to avoid burnout!

1. Take care of YOU!
Just remember H.A.L.T. Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired. These emotions bleed into each other often causing confusion and make you vulnerable to bad decisions!  Make sure you are getting enough sleep, eating right and take time out to exercise. Sometimes the smallest act of just taking Sissy for a walk is enough to clear my mind and stay on task!
2. Say NO sometimes!
It is OK to say no once and awhile! Try to keep regular business hours and schedule in time off and vacations on a regular basis. Try not to give away too much of your time. Let people know your policies and procedures. It’s OK to tell people what’s acceptable and what’s not. Learn how to say no!
3. Don’t forget who YOU are!
Is what you are doing fulfilling and meaningful for you? Are you feeling like something missing? When I feel like I am compromising my values and putting my own hopes and dreams on hiatus I can get negative.  It is important to take inventory and evaluate what’s going on…there is nothing wrong with listening to that little voice.
4. Do something different!
If work has become a chore or you’re in a rut, try to think outside the box and challenge yourself or the situation! Look for another way to frame what is going on. Try to think outside the box.  Innovation and creativity are the touchstone for my continued success.
5. Keep your goals in mind.
If you find yourself “off track” it is often because, you got “side tracked” and maybe trying to do too much. Just take a step back and look at the big picture and how it relates to what you are doing. This is where having written goals will come in handy. As I always say, determine goals and you will manage your own expectations!
6. Time Management
Poor time management is another thing we do that leads to burnout. TRY to set regular business hours. Make appointments with yourself to get things done – and keep them! Being on time counts, show up promptly for appointments and expect others to do the same. I am a big advocate of making lists and checking them off as they are completed!
7. It is OK to ask for help.
A fresh set of eyes are always helpful! I do this as often as possible.  I feel very blessed to have an incredible network of friends and family to support me and my ideas.  With Social Media you should always pay it forward! With that said, I am no more than a call, tweet or email away if you want a fresh perspective!

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