Wednesday, February 23, 2011

People employers want to hire...

Abridged: Simply Hired
PALO ALTO, CA -- Each employer looks for specific qualities in potential candidates depending on the position they're hiring for, however, there are common traits in people that benefit an employer -- no matter the role, company or industry. Embodying these qualities, or working towards them, will make you an asset at any company and benefit potential employers.

1) Long term potential: Employers look to hire people that will spend a long time within that company -- and not only in the initial role for which they are hired. Companies look for employees who can acquire versatile abilities and move up within the company. 2) Works well with others: The ability to get along with the people you work with is crucial. Candidates need to be able to respectfully work with the team to achieve the company's common goals.

3) Can work independently: Employers need people who can work without a lot of supervision. Companies look for people who can get projects done without being told each step to make, take responsibility for their own work and have the initiative to accomplish goals above and beyond their initial scope. 4) Ability to multitask: Companies look to hire people who can quickly and effectively get work done. This makes the ability to perform a variety of tasks, and even multiple tasks at the same time, a great asset to an employer. 5) Problem Solving & Adaptability: Employers are looking for people who adapt to changes quickly and can find solutions to problems in innovative and creative ways.

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