Monday, February 21, 2011

Happy Presidents Day!

It really irks me that I'm right here. I should not be right about areas that are out of whack in COUNTRY MUSIC RADIO. Chatting today with a major market programmer and he tells me that the pickens are slim or Slim Pickens for morning shows in CMR. One of the big problems, un-like other formats, CMR morning shows have some relatability problems. Too often, they are high on themselves and have a disconnect from the audience, life group and the real world. The show is based around inane, ego-based chatter with a co-host and there is no entertainment or credible pay off for the listeners.

Check a calender it's 2011, this kind of radio has no place in a struggling media that is trying make a connection every time we crack the microphone. Program directors and managers are at the root of the problem. If they can't lead the horse to water and make him drink - There is a disconnect there as well. Work with the morning show to develop the all important audience relations. Read the Tracy Johnson books on morning radio, there is a step by step lesson plan on making this work. If they want to do it, if they are comfortable chuckling with the co-host, talking about golfing and Brad Paisley, then move on. 

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