Tuesday, January 11, 2011

What are you famous for?

COUNTRY MUSIC RADIO station's who simply want to be famous for playing Country Music are missing several key components of the branding process. Ries and Trout in all of their great readings, always said in marketing you have to be famous for some key components to create brand recognition and awareness. 

Rob Balon of Austin, TX a researcher who made the early connections between brand awareness and Arbitron reporting said we need to build a brand that becomes recognized by reported listeners. They have to remember who you are. Same is true with PPM today, to listen in the first place, they have to know who you are and what you represent. 

From Rob's Benchmark Research web site: "Every business or business entity must have some significant characteristic by which consumers or customers can identify it. If you will, a benchmark. The more that your benchmarks cut through the clutter, the greater the degree to which you can define your products and differentiate your company or product from the competition. A benchmark is not the same as a BRAND. A BRAND is the overall, sum total of your company's or products image. Benchmarks are subsets of BRANDS. And they are vital to any company that has to communicate a benefit to their customers."

The key points to be famous for:


I included marketing in areas you can be famous for. Jacor use to be famous for their creative rock marketing with outdoor messages using pop culture icons. If your marketing is creative you will be known and famous for it. In some research studies, stations are known for their marketing, even though it's been a while since they did any or haven't done any at all. It's the perception of the respondent that is created with brand building. Omitted is contesting, stations use to be famous for big money contests and we all know where that is today!

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