Sunday, January 9, 2011

We get comments!

Thanks to Charles for this eye-opening comment yesterday: 

*pushing nose up in the air* "Small market radio is not for me" Get off your high horse, Chuck. 

Small market radio is where REAL radio lives. Major market is so streamlined and out of touch with the local community that it might as well be Pandora.

Small and Medium market radio can still make lasting relationships with local businesses outside of car dealerships and law firms.

If people are worried about making money in this industry, they are in the wrong business. Unless they're in sales. General Managers and owners of stations make their money on the pipe dreams of their programmers and on-air staff. And you know what? I'm just fine by that. They can keep their suit and tie and budgets. Because what matters to me, is the connection that is made with the listener (not their wallet).

Will radio ever have a full air staff again? Unless the programmers move up to manager status, no.

I learned this after a year out radio... People are only motivated by three things... Cash, Creativity, or Care.

The bottom line is... quality takes a backseat to the bottom line.

Charles Angelo

I love small market radio, my taste of it several years ago was not what I imagined. There was a lack of professionalism and passion for radio. It was highly ego-fueled  I see a lot of big market programmers that have taken positions in small markets. I think you have to be philosophically on the same page as the market manager, corporate people and the staff for it to work. 

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