Saturday, January 8, 2011

Unemployment rate down - Jobs up - Where does radio stand?

Unemployment has dropped to 9.4%, the lowest in a decade and over 103,000 jobs were added in December. Economists say we have to continue for years at this rate to build our economy back. Can you believe this? The unemployment percentage dropped not due to job gains, but because out of work employees just stopped looking for gainful employment. Where does radio stand in all this? Will there be full air staffs once again and no reliance on syndicated or voice-tracked talent? 

There are ton of radio programmers and air talent who've taken positions below their pay grades and have went to small and un-rated markets to be able to survive and take care of their families. I tried that once and small market radio was not my cup of tea. If radio grows 4% in 2011, that won't enough to cover the EBIT or cash flow, That means we are years from seeing radio stations able to staff the building around the clock. This is a bleak observation from "While a robust recovery would be exciting, this slow rebound may prove ultimately to be more sustainable. That’s hardly reassuring to people who are without a job. Employers across all sorts of industries have learned how to staff more efficiently. It will likely be many years before fast-growing businesses give managers the green light to hire without having each and every position heavily scrutinized up the chain of command."


  1. *pushing nose up in the air* "Small market radio is not for me" Get off your high horse, Chuck.

    Small market radio is where REAL radio lives. Major market is so streamlined and out of touch with the local community that it might as well be Pandora.

    Small and Medium market radio can still make lasting relationships with local businesses outside of car dealerships and law firms.

    If people are worried about making money in this industry, they are in the wrong business. Unless they're in sales. General Managers and owners of stations make their money on the pipe dreams of their programmers and on-air staff. And you know what? I'm just fine by that. They can keep their suit and tie and budgets. Because what matters to me, is the connection that is made with the listener (not their wallet).

    Will radio ever have a full air staff again? Unless the programmers move up to manager status, no.

    I learned this after a year out radio... People are only motived by three things... Cash, Creativity, or Care.

    The bottom line is... quality takes a backseat to the bottome line.

    Charles Angelo
    PD - WGGE

  2. Charles, I went to become an OM at a small market group and the problems and lack of professionalism and passion. They were just a bunch of announcers with large egos and no love for the passion of radio. I should've explained myself better.