Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Unemployed? Any job is better than no job

Abridged: Cash Money Life Blog

LAS VEGAS, NV -- There are a multitude of reasons to not turn down a potential job opportunity, even if it's a part-time or contract job. Eventually your unemployment benefits will run out. Taking a job avoids a huge gap on your resume too. For those in the professional workforce having a big gap on your resume doesn't look that good to prospective employers. However, employers are a little more understanding these days with the recession we are all living through. Nonetheless, the smaller the gap on your resume the better. Get back into the workforce as soon as possible and avoid huge gaps.

 A potential job offer isn't guaranteed to work out. So it's a good idea to explore all opportunities offered to you. Just because a recruiter or human resource representative is calling you doesn't mean you've got the job. You still have to interview and compete with other candidates. Holding out for the "right job" in this competitive job market doesn't guarantee you'll be selected to interview for that job.

Keep in mind ... your emergency funds or savings won't last forever. It's best to consider part-time or contract work to help supplement your income while you continue to purse the career or job of your dreams. It's a good idea to pick up other work to cover your monthly expenses - as well as - keep you actively working. You never know if a part-time or contract job will turn into a full-time job opportunity. Additionally, you can't recover lost income. This is the biggest reason of all you should never turn down a potential job. The income you are missing out on today by being unemployed can never be recovered. Ever.

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