Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Please consider out of work brothers and sisters

When hiring returns and for open positions, we still have an inordinate amount of talented folks on the sidelines. Mike Pesto is going on one year on the beach from The Wolf in Peoria, where he did mornings. Mike also has KTOM and KWNR under his belt. Bob McNeil has been pounding the programming pavement and said on Facebook he has been passed on for 20 or 30 positions. Bob is quite an experienced Country Music Radio programmer.

Some folks like myself, have found another way to stay active in the pursuit and love of radio. I write this blog daily and also write and produce imaging and it keeps me connected. I love selling for Today's Senior Magazine and that keeps me busy and ads to the incoming money. Thank God my wife has a great job. I am pretty far removed from wanting to work day to day in radio. 

Slowly but surely, our unemployed crop of great radio folks will find gainful employment. 

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