Friday, January 28, 2011

I am on Facebook and Twitter...Now What?

This past week I spoke at Texas Music Seminar's "I made a Record...Now What?" 
The topic of my presentation was using Social Media strategically to accomplish productivity goals and the focus was for a musician or music industry professional.
Applying some of what I spoke about to radio here are a couple take home ideas.

Sometimes, the hardest part about Social Media is determining what and more importantly when to post.

If you are a casual, ‘just having fun’ Social Media user than disregard this post….however if you are using Social Media strategically to accomplish productivity goals then here are a few ideas:

What are you trying to accomplish…in other words what are your goals?
Generate web traffic, interactions, entertain, sales, education, branding?
When you determine goals, you manage your own expectations and the focus of how you will use Social Media!

Now we know why, let’s talk about who?
Who are you trying to reach? Local, industry, interest? Men, Women, tweens? 18-35, 25-54, 35-60?
Targeting your audience should mirror your overall marketing plan/goals. If you are a local radio station who only serves local customers and have no interest in website traffic than you will want to concentrate on building relationships that are geographically specific.

Know your audience and know your game plan and what will be appropriate to discuss!

You figured out ‘who and why’ now think about when are the people you are trying to reach using Social Media and remember you want to be there when they are there!

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