Monday, January 24, 2011

Has PPM imaging calmed down?

As Mike Sheppard use to say, less Vietnam sounds. I have heard a bunch of PPM market CMR imaging and it seems to be lighter, not just shorter. The action-packed, over the top dimension seems to be fading. More HOT AC and ROCK styling and less CHR (which meant sampling, phasing, beat-mix). I just heard some TOH's for KUPL Portland and they are more imagery than hammer over the head. I worked on some material for a major market client audition and ironically I did the same thing, kept it sonically pure, but less heaviness and no laser sounds. All of the material came from drones, cool sounding punches and hits. Are we ending the day of over the top, too loud hard-core Country Music Radio imaging?


  1. yup, we ditched ALL of our long BIG intros into features. get to the goods, quick. We've already seen a good response from it!
    Jesse James
    San Antonio

  2. I've noticed that as well with many of my clients. A big hit at the front, with the effected voice doing most of the accentuating. Everyone seems to want the imaging transparent so that it can run up intros. It doesn't sound bad once you blend the two together.