Thursday, January 27, 2011

Does anyone care to the point they use too? Or do they just don't care!

Use to be, in the 70's and 80's in radio, you didn't work in this business unless you paid your dues, wanted to be at the prospective station and cared enough to do the job 175%. We never worried about economics, managers and sales managers never mingled, they were always gone selling and making bank for the station. The total focus was on the product and how everyone worked together to accomplish the goal of ratings and revenue domination.

I still worry about the amount of people that are in this business doing five jobs, making 22k, not giving a crap about the process. They are mad that they have to do five jobs and make lousy money. Man or women in the mirror time. Everyone took these 22k jobs and now the media is suppose to suffer because of the lack of correlation and interest in radio from the new breed. All of these jobs we hear about, cept' the big phat gigs are most likely still going to get filled from within. The idea, cost cutting and management knows these people. So the chain of events continues. More pissed off employees doing 5 jobs, making 22k. These are also close to the same people, that when they loose the 22k job, they are off to find another one. Either in the same marketplace where most of them are continually employed or on the radio gypsy nomad wagon.

Final thought: In the 70'sand 80's we made less than 22k and we did the 5 jobs without being asked. We just loved doing this.


  1. Yes we did the five jobs without being asked because we loved it. Some of us, who have been around a long time in the business, still love it. I'm one who was downsized some three years ago and have managed to pick up some part time work. Is it what I really want to be doing? Heck no. But if it keeps me in the business that I love, then that is what I do. As long as I still have a passion for doing it, I'll continue on. I am one of those radio nomads but it's what I do, and what I continue to love doing.

  2. Time to take a reality check. 22k is below the poverty level. Staying at something that "you love" while your family suffers, if you have one anymore is plain stupid. We all have responsibilities in life, family, car, mortage, education, etc. Doing radio because I "loved it" was not the answer to my financial future, in addition to working for some low down crazy people who run the industry today.

    There comes a point that everyone realizes that being in radio is not going to pay the rent, send the kids to college or get you another car. Radio has sucked all the good people out of the industry. It's just takes some people longer than others to realize.