Friday, December 10, 2010

Where Am I?

I feel I have to wake up and check the GPS in my phone to know where I am, have been doing a little traveling these days.

Wrapped up a great week in New York for BrandsConf and Baltimore for the Arbitron Client Conference/Jacobs Media Summit. For the first time, this year’s #ACCJMS10 event combined three of the radio industry’s most popular conferences: the Urban PD Clinic (December 7th), the Arbitron Client Conference (formerly known as the Radio Fly-In, December 8th) and the Jacobs Media Summit (December 9th) at the Hyatt Regency Baltimore. This year’s conference: “Positioning, Mobile and Ratings Strategies for Today and the Future.”

I hope you have had the opportunity to see Fred Jacobs "Goin' Mobile" presentation...WOW...
He did such a great job with this! "Goin' Mobile" is a new and innovative radio industry study that vividly demonstrates a sea of change in the way smartphones are affecting the everyday behaviors of average American consumers. The findings show that radio has multiple opportunities to take part in the smartphone revolution.

I am totally hooked on being a speaker at these's so much fun! I love that I don't rally fit the mold of a traditional speaker. According to Fred Jacobs "I brought a fresh, exciting, vivacious perspective to the event." The name of my discussion/Q&A with Paul Jacobs was, "Are You Being Followed?"
The main points is "are people picking up what your putting down" cause if they aren't you probably aren't being followed, still following me? 
People often ask how did I get so many followers? About 6 months ago I tasked my self with taking all the stand out traits for what I put into developing not only my online strategy but what I have done for thousands of clients throughout the years.  You see I sold traditional broadcast media, and believe it or no,t many of the same processes you go through to put together a campaign are what you should be doing when you set out to use Social Media strategically to accomplish productivity goals.

Understanding social media can be overwhelming for anyone who is new to managing social networking websites such as Twitter and Facebook. In my Get a G.R.A.S.P. presentation I break down and present the fundamentals of social media optimization using concise and an easy-to-understand manner.

I designed this presentation with the results in mind. It is a results-oriented system to help individuals, business, and brands create and cultivate their individual socialality aka Humanization of Brand because I firmly believes that doing so is a key component to utilizing social media. “This presentation contains the very simple advice I give clients along with some tips I have accumulated throughout my years of selling traditional media!” The marriage of traditional to new media ideas has made me valuable to my clients and it “it is my hope that I can pass this knowledge along to others.”

I am in the middle of scheduling more speaking engagements across the nation and hope to see you in your backyard! If you are interested in booking me for speaking or webinars please contact me at JessicaNorthey at gmail dot com or 559-349-5933! 

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