Thursday, December 2, 2010

Social Media - It is what it is!

Jessica Northey would agree with me on the basic component structure of social media for radio. I won't get into the analytics and structure, that's her deal, only my thoughts on the pros's and con's of using social media platforms in today's CMR. It is what it is, if you are a compelling station with a great entertainment based presentation, you will perform this feat through osmosis. Stations with a music and caller ten mentality will continue posting non-compelling communications on their social media sites. 

I continue to subscribe to tweets and Face book pages from a myriad of Country Music Radio stations and the material is still the same. No matter how much is written and discussed about communicating over content with social media, it seems no one is listening or cares? This is being treated as a secondary station web site. That is a Bozo no-no. We failed with web sites in radio. They were suppose to deliver a digital platform for sales and marketing and they need to join HD in the white elephant corner. 

Stations still tweet and post, "Later this morning more State Fair tickets". This is a station liner, the user's of social media are looking for another way to communicate and represent your brand as a fan. It's through compelling communications and real life, real people scenarios. I applaud the stations and talent that are trying to accomplish this. Liners, these posts are spam from the station to the user. If you are doing some incredible holiday promotion where you are combining with a local service organization to feed the hungry or clothe the homeless, than you should chum the waters with writings and ask for feedback and stories from the listeners.

Here's a basic informational post. WYCD is posting about a local Christmas song that is troop related. Always a huge score with the LG. KSON, Nothing real communicative with it, but better than State Fair tickets, which this morning show did have earlier. They are posting every hour, great connect.

Back by popular demand by The Song Trust, "Bring Him Home Santa." Let's not forget about our troops overseas away from their families over the holidays. ~Mike Scott

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James Franco & Ann Hathaway have been named the Hosts for the Oscars. What do you think? Sounded awfully boring to me when I first heard it but maybe they'll surprise us? What award would you give yourself? 619-570-1973.
Anne Hathaway and James Franco will be hosting 2011 Oscars. They will be sharing hosting duties for the 83rd annual Academy Awards , reports . The two actors “personify the next generati...

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