Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Santa Paws - Community and Sales Marketing with a cool Holiday approach!

Most of my articles begun like this...At Cat Country 96 - WCTO-The Lehigh Valley...just the way that it is baby! (Rembrandt's 1991)...Robin Mc Neely was a pro-active AE at WCTO. In fact, she still resides at Ave C Bethlehem, PA - Remember this station had a bond with the audience no one has had in years. We would do road shows and the listeners would come tell you it was great that (client name) ask you to come broadcast and hang out. 

In December right around mid-December, we would do a road show at a local mall and even the mall white people use to go to and spread it out for Christmas.

Santa Paws
  • Hire a local photographer with experience with animal shots. 
  • Mall or pad mall hires Santa
  • Client buys a holiday sales package
  • Sunday from 5p-8p one night only
  • Key talent makes like a real deal 
  • Listeners pay a stipend for the pictures
  • Payback to mall/pad awareness and use age
A step further;  Some of money goes to the local Humane Society or no-kill shelter.Then get SPCA or Human Society involved. They can have adoption readied for fur babies out the night of SANTA PAWS!

Santa Paws is perfect for any COUNTRY MUSIC RADIO station. Even better if you are a DAWG, CAT, BEAR, WOLF and SNAKE (why hasn't a CMR flipped to The Snake in Idaho??

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