Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Remember how radio people thought of listeners: (From piece of meat to listening to test tones)

It was in 70's through the 90's, that programmers and managers referred to listeners as "pieces of meat". Well today, the listeners have gotten even with radio for thinking they were cattle in a truck headed to slaughter. Today listeners have a low tolerance level of bad radio. They have literally forgotten that radio exists. They have many media venues, that radio really is a household appliance to them. Radio thought they had such a hold on the listening and advertising community, that they decided to cut cost of programming costs and operate like Peggy in the Discover card commercials. You get what you give! The owner of the last radio I job I had said: "You could put a test tone on in this market and have a 10 share". Nice

Bad radio usually exists where:
  1. Programmers focus on non-programming elements and not community building elements, social media and digital delivery.
  2. Still plugging inane web sites.
  3. Ego driven on air delivery wrapped around radioisms and not communicating with the audience.
  4. Still doing "come on down and say hi" remotes.
  5. Look we have a bad remote This Saturday!
  6. No plan for the radio station, except to come to work everyday.

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