Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New Years 2011 Resolutions - Morning Shows

Yes indeed, we need to make that part of our charging system, out with the old and in with the new, that we drive harder and smarter in 2011. Working with and developing a true life group reflective, community building and wireless wizards to talk to our 32 year old woman in Country Music Radio. 

Have mini-strategy sessions with your morning shows, develop and adhere to a plan to dominate 25-54 Woman in your market, PPM or paper. Disney use to toss out attractions that had either over performed or didn't catch on. We need to do this yearly with the morning show. Goodbye to burned features and produce new and effective morning benchmarks. PPM breaks for morning contests are now like afternoons. Morning shows are no longer stretching contest winners into content.

Morning shows need to be leading the brigade for social media, digital and wireless. They need to communicate in real speak how this magic all comes together and the folks will love that. Begin to enthrall participants on Facebook and Twitter. Everything that can personally relate to the listener back them in social media form is grand. Make sure morning shows stop using Facebook as a liner page. NO station hype, only big contests, music promotions and then a combination of engaging communications. Ask a question that has an affirmative response from your friends. 

SOME STATIONS: "Listen to win Zac Brown tickets this afternoon on Country 99.7"

REVISED: "Have you ever had a chance to see The Zac Brown Band in concert, they are simply amazing, Big Earl just happens to have seats in the 20th row of the R section for the show with Keith Urban at The Frolic Bank Arena next month - This afternoon we Zac Attack ya from New Country 99.7"

If we have to spell it out, Tommy Boy will have to come back and hit you on the head with a tack hammer. I didn't mean that, just wanted to use that line. 

Community building promotions every quarter. Watching Fresno television this year, TV led the charge for The Poverllo House, Fresno Food Bank, Toys for Tots and more. Non-profit groups need help. You know what made YOUNG COUNTRY so cool, amongst a million: The (talent name) YOUNG COUNTRY Charity of the month. A series of PSA's with the talent talking about the organization. Go past that and join the organization. Talk to the other participants in their events and it becomes so easy to plan and produce community building promotions. 

2011 is what you make it - Lead the charge for better Country Music Radio and increase listeners and revenue.

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