Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I think Phyllis Stark is a great Radio writer, but....

While I'm not a fan of the music industry type articles, she has led the parade on programming articles. The "end of the year" segment out on Tuesday saw a majority of the comments concerning music issues. I understand the labels on the post talking about music, it's their jobs. But radio programmers jobs have nothing to do with artists, music, concerts, award shows, etc. I sent this to Phyllis.

Dear Phyllis:

Not one programmer mentioned anything about programming their stations, it seems to be all about artists, music, labels and chart movement. It occurs to me they have the title of program director, they should be doing that. It's not so music based in other formats like it is with Country. Programmers think they have some kind of vested interest in developing and executing Nashville's music marketing plan.

I would think that this day in age, you would mean more to the company you work for, if you were locked in solid with only the meaningful programming directives and concepts of your station. Music Ego Development is the new buzzword for music-oriented Country Music Radio programmers. But, they will always say: "You need to be with the people and what they are into" i.e. going to concerts. The life group is not about concerts, music, new releases, CMT, Nashville and other interests that some programmers think are so important. 

In 2011, I wish Country Music Radio programmers will find a way to balance their love for the music and music industry with the station branding and marketing process that can only happen if you build it and enhance it. The more that Country stations evolve mainstream (like Saul said last week), the better revenue and ratings standing. Too many programmers in this format are enthralled with being country music leaders and need to spend that time imprinting and developing their social media prowess, station positioning in the PPM world and branding-marketing areas. 

Chuck Geiger
Managing Editor


  1. I don't know why this happens in this format. In Rock, CHR, AC, programmers talk about programming matrix's - Not constant music theories and chat about the music community. Play 30 hit records each week and work on your radio station's sound.