Monday, December 20, 2010

FTC's Best of 2010 Continues with Year End and Year Ahead Thoughts

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Country Aircheck
Bob Glasco from Glasco Media
Bob is one of the brightest minds in broadcasting. I had the pleasure of working with him for 6 years and everyday I learned something new. I value his friendship and professional relationship.

What's in store for Country Music Radio in 2011?
Programmers will continue to learn new ways to do more with less. As we are already hearing, managers are being asked to make more cuts in 2011 budgets regardless of revenue gains. It will be a challenging year but Country Radio is blessed with some brilliant minds among it's programming ranks. The real challenge will be to maintain morale.

What challenges did you face in 2010 and next year?
The economy and what it has done to us all. Shrinking budgets are hard on everyone.

Your thoughts on the direction of the music and Sonic Sound of Country Music Radio?
You could say performance rights, illegal downloads, etc but let's talk about our listeners for a minute. Some folks in Nashville seem hell-bent on turning the format away from the traditional sound that built the genre. Making sure a screaming guitar takes the place of a sorrowful steel for instance. It almost seems they want to turn us into a rock/pop hybrid with boots. 

I'm all for letting the format expand and allowing artists to explore their muse. I'm also in favor of encouraging other format's artists to come to Country with songs that appeal to the Country listener, but let's not forget what got us to the dance. As for Country Radio, it would be dangerous for Country or any other format to get caught up in programming to the PPM. Less is more only when "less" is compelling.

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