Thursday, December 23, 2010

From the Speculation Station: Los Angeles gets a new CMR station in 2011!

Here's the scenario. Saul Levine gets tired of Country and screwing the pooch with KKGO. They bail on the format for whatever incarnation of Rock Jeff Pollack talks him into. Then Bonneville readies KSWD their failing Triple A station for Country. Remember they failed at Country in San Francisco, but do real well with it in St. Louis and Cincinnati. In essence, these two station flip formats/intellectual property. KSWD becomes a new Country Music Station and KKGO might rebrand as KLSX (LA Classic Rock calls or better KMET). 

With the money Bonneville has sunk into KSWD to get a one share, they would get double in return marketing a Country Music Radio Station in Los Angeles.

Hire a powerhouse Country Music Radio programmer who understands the combination of show-biz and music presentation styles and build a massive radio station with a strong morning show that could position themselves as a top five 25-54 show in 1-2 years with a staff of pimp air talent. Take off the harness of Hollywood. What spelled doom for KZLA. They quit trying to be a Country Music Radio station and played the Hollywood game. Same with John Sebastian playing Bob Seger and The Eagles. Play the hits and howdy up for LA and Orange County.

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