Tuesday, December 21, 2010

For the first day of Winter - How to own the winter weather image:

If you are ignoring school closings because the morning man bitches about how long they are, when you face inclement weather, we have a way to zip them up and your CMR can own the winter weather image. When I first went to WCTO, I listened to B-104 The Clear Channel Adult Top-40. They had a huge weather and traffic image. When we went on we adopted the CAT COUNTRY 96 WEATHER CENTER. It was used as the opening line out of weather jingles and for the morning show.

During winter weather warnings from The National Weather Service we installed WEATHER CENTER ALERTS, very official sounding intros with beeps and tones then a long bed. The talent would read the list in alphabetical order, no matter how long it took. Lazy talent now probably say go to the web site. At the end, we up-dated road and traffic conditions and the current forecast and hit a recorded close: COUNT ON THE CAT COUNTRY 96 WEATHER CENTER ALERTS TO KEEP IN YOU IN THE KNOW WHEN IT COMES TO LEHIGH VALLEY STOPPING SNOW. 

In one year we took the image away from the competitor. And the station blew up, because we turned the mirror towards the community and the audience.

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