Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Beverlee Brannigan upped at Journal

Congrats to one of the brightest minds in CMR. Beverlee has been promoted to Director of Country programming at Journal. She joined KFDI in 2001 and has kept the station #1 under her watch. She will help with programming in Tulsa, Knoxville and continue with Springfield, MO Journals Tom Land makes the appointment after getting VP/Programming stripes himself and knocking cancer on it's nose. Both of the folks are as quality as it gets. I programmed against Bev for two and half years at KZSN Wichita and it no walk in the park. Her diligence, tenacity and longevity make her perfect for her new position.

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  1. Congrats Beverlee!!! It was truly my honor to have worked for such an amazing programmer...and woman! Congrats to Journal for getting it right and promoting such a force of nature!