Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Best of FTC 2010

Take the two question connection test!

When you listen to your Country Music Radio station, do you hear more or less of the following?

A.) "Another great song from Lady A, they have certainly rose to the top of the Country charts fast and continue to keep us entertained with great music."

B) "Country 107.1 and Lady A, so the lunch ladies over at Kent Elementary are all excited that we are coming over for lunch and want Sloppy Joe's, that Mary Alberts wants to know how many we can eat, what up Mary" (into phoner).

You would be surprised at the amount of stations where the programmers and air talent think a constant barrage of country music breaks are what need to be done on the air. The smarter programmer and air talent that will continue to make a bond with the life group and audience will continue to emboss example B.

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