Monday, November 29, 2010

Will you be getting change back from your dollar in 2011?

Meaning...If you find some money in your budget, will you be adding air talent, marketing, research, explore more digital/smart phone attributes and new ways to operate in 2011? Just throwing money in the fire pit is probably not a great idea and won't keep you making budget suggestions long. Smart operating is the only way to keep her above water next year.

You are most likely, with a strong pitch to your market manager and corporate, able to get another live body. They might have to be, according to all the new ads in the trades, handle social media/web, production, air shift, remotes...etc. That's price you have to pay to grab another live body for your station. Did I forget they may have to track a shift on your cluster sisters stations as well.

Be smart and think smart when you lay this out to the team. Do not and I repeat come across like "every one's over worked and we need another body". That is not the thought process to take in this. Create a new position where the person multi-tasks. Believe me, there are a lot of unemployed talent out there. You will find a Cracker Jack talent.

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