Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sunday Driving with 97.7 The Big Dawg's Jeff Stone

Meet Jeff Stone, Operations Manager and Morning Personality at Wisconsin's Best Country 97.7 The Big Dawg (WSRG) in Sturgeon Bay, WI!

Jeff Stone has been doing radio and voice work for almost 30 years. He loves radio and will sit and talk about it for hours if we would allow him. Jeff grew up listening to the great Chicago DJ's like Larry Lujack, John Records Landecker, Dick Biondi, Steve Dahl and Gary Meyer and many more. Jeff was fascinated at how all radio worked. Jeff now wakes you up every morning with the Morning Dawg Pound. 

Proudly Serving his listeners on air for 4 hours Monday thru Friday and Saturday Nights!
Where are you answering these questions from?- At Wisconsin's Best Country 97.7 The Big Dawg- WSRG- Radio Station in Sturgeon Bay, WI (Go Packers!)

What are you wearing? Jeans/ Blake Shelton T shirt and Chaser's Sports Bar and Grill Hoodie/a nike shoe.....

How did you get started in Broadcasting? I was on my way to Milwaukee with my FAMILY on an SCHLITZ run and heard John Records Landecker on the air at WLS in Chicago and right then decided that sure does sound like fun.

What are 3 items you CAN NOT live without? 1) Q-40 M-Audio Headphones 2) Internet  3) Green Bay Packers

Favorite item of clothing/jewelry/accessory? Why? My Camo long sleeve shirt. I have a Diamond ring that was bought for me by my Late Mother and I can't be without it...

Have you ever been in a fight? Oh should have seen the other guy!

 What is the first thing you think of when you wake up in the morning? Jaye Albright always says "be real they will notice and applaud you....So let’s be real this morning...."

 Is there anything that you regret? “Accept everything about yourself--I mean everything. You are you and that is the beginning and the end--no apologies, no regrets.”

 What are your fondest childhood memories? Playing football with the Neighbors and hearing my Mom yell my name to come home(What I would give to hear that again)....Billy K and Mark K. Boy what fun that was...I was all time Quarterback. I always wanted to be Fran Tarkenton because he could run around like crazy. People who know me will understand this.

 What current event has your eyes and ears? How will the congressional Republicans assert their newfound political strength.  I pray they will cut spending.... I pray I elected those who promise us nothing but individual liberty. Please remember once they begin to promise you material things, you must first ask from whom these things were taken.

 How do you use Social Media in your industry for productivity?  Use it to keep listeners of the BIG DAWG in touch with what’s going on with me and what is happening around the community and what great things the BIG DAWG is doing for the community we live in.... and how they can interact with us to tell us what they feel we can do.... to better serve them.. I also like to use it to keep people positive or informed about what’s happening in the community.

 What is your favorite website?,
then Facebook,

 If you had a Super Power what would it be? I would shoot laser beams from my eyes at people who ignore me...Can't Ignore the noise..

 Which famous people do you admire? Why? Blake Shelton......Because ever since he decided to be real and let people in on his humor and the way he thinks.... good or bad...he has proven this past 18 months that his fans get it and Country radio has finally embraced him as well as Nashville....Plus he has proven that more than Steers and *$^% come from Oklahoma....

 What is your favorite movie? Why.... Over the line- Ok the movie has not been filmed yet, but it will be one day. It is written by me and a friend named Tracy Broussard ( Touring Drummer with Blake Shelton) is funny and Will Farrell needs to call us. Other than that it would be
 Patch Adams- All we should ever want in life is to leave this earth a better place and to make a difference in someone's life. By making that really is the greatest gift we can pay forward.

 Favorite snack? Why? Cheetos....because they make a good trail to follow if you get lost.

 How do you balance your work with other obligations - mate, children, hobbies? after a year of being the Ops Manager. I finally got lucky and hired Colin Shaugnessy and he taught me if I hire smart, talented, passionate people, everything will take care of itself. Colin is now in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Colin will TRULY be a star in this business one day. But that is the secret -----hire well and hopefully teach the people you hire to take ownership in what they do. When on air don't think your breaks are for your boss and the radio station. Make each break for you and you will soon notice by taking ownership in each and every break,  you will chase perfection and reach excellence. If you have people that believe this working with will allow you to break free and do other things.

 Do you get nervous about anything?
Whenever I see blue lights and here the words "Watch your head sir"

 If you could meet anyone in the world dead or alive who would it be...Chris Farley
 and what would say to them? WHY?????????

 What is your hobby or do you collect anything? My hobby is radio. Every day I try to make the right decisions to collect more listeners than any radio station in Door County, WI......Of course I do collect pictures of Jennifer Nettles

 What chore do you hate? Cleaning my house....I could think of better things to do with my time. Like watching Sugarland Videos

 Do you have an animal/s? No pets but a lot of friends that act like animals....Big Mike, Heimy, Jessica, Tracy, Tim, Beau, Al and Kourtney.

 Mac or PC? Mac....I like easy, what can I say.

 Ginger or Mary Ann? Which are you more like or which one would you date/marry? Ginger,.... read previous answer

 Craziest thing you have ever done? Got Married once......Craaaaaaazzzzzzzyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!

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