Tuesday, November 30, 2010

New Year In Your Ear

This could be the most overlooked programming tool in your arsenal. The imaging between Christmas and New Years. The focus is on Christmas by osmosis and we rarely give a wink to New Years Eve and New Years Day. Partially due to voice tracking and automated/syndicated programming. Being live from at least 8p-1a with a key talent will add credibility to your brand. Instead of format only and spots for New Years Eve parties at local clubs, you can spark your CMR station. 
Imaging should begin on 12/26 to let the life group know you are the official Welcome 2011 New Country station. Promotional liners, sweepers and promos should augment your party programming for New Years Eve. 

Starting at 5p on New Years Eve, playback A YEAR IN YOUR EAR - The Top 30 songs for 2010. AT 8p after the number one song of 2010, you begin PARTY WOLF, CAT, KISS 2011. Nothing but Country Music Radio party songs. Dumas Walker, Sweet Home Alabama, All My Rowdy Friends Are Coming Over Tonight, Black Betty, Shout, Friends In Low Places, to name a few. Plenty of social media, listener, talent and station interaction with the active end of your life group. We become the soundtrack to their parties.

At 11:57, play TIME MARCHES ON, with the time lady counting down to 12:00:00. The production can have pop culture additives and audio in it. At 12:00:00, you play AUD LANG SYNE with New Years greeting from the staff and it's always fun to play 1999 Prince afterwards and then back to party songs until 1:00:00. 

After New Year's Eve have promos and elements highlight the music, artists (Miranda, Keith Urban, Carrie) and pop culture bytes from the year. Mix with a series of 2011 THE YEAR OF THE WOLF. Very cinematic and conceptual.

We have a number of stations running our YEAR IN YOUR EAR imaging package. We will write the elements for the above. 3 pages for $50.00. Please email if you would like to grab this written New Years package for your CMR.

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